Photo Color Correction

Why is Image Color-correction?
How many time have you seen discolored images taken in rooms with filament bulbs or underwater, old prints and Photos with unpleasant colors and incorrect white balance settings? Photos with color or exposure shifts do not seem to be suitable for professional or amateur use, but it can be overcome.
Color correction is a major pre-press stage and is closely associated with creating good looking prints and web album. Retouch provides pre-press, RAW conversion, and color correction service of industry quality either separate or together with retouching.

Photo Color Correction Service
Color enhancement is demanded for successfully printing and web publishing which includes temperature, skin tone adjustment, exposure, saturation, contrast and brightness correction, highlights and shadows balance control.
We correct JPEG and TIFF files, make RAW processing of huge image sets for your creative and printing need. Also we provide professional profile conversion, such as RGB to CMYK. We take care of damaged amateur portraits or landscape image, for professional photo taken by CANON, NIKON, OLYMPUS and others camera in any file format (CR2, NEF). Our color Correction services are oriented both for single photo enhancing and for mass professional prepress.
Clipping path Excel (CPL) is a photo editing and graphics designing company who has been in the online outsourcing industry providing high standard photo services likes clipping experts, color path, multiple clipping experts, photoshop shadow creation, photo editing, picture editing and like this more service. We provide more than 30 different services for our client, we reduce your cost and add the working hour with yours, we confirm you the best performance in minimum cost with strict deadlines.
We offer you a color correction services with smooth, natural look and accurately defined resolutions and edges that are the best for publishing. We deliver the services through worldwide each and every time.

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